Friday, August 9, 2013

Growing Up!

Avelyn just recently turned 4!  Can't believe how much she is growing up.  Why or WHY does time have to go by so quickly?  I know every parent says that, but it really is hard to fathom how fast time goes once you have kids.  All you want to do is just cherish every moment you have with them.  You never know how much time is left.

My crazy creative daughter decided that for her birthday this year, she wanted a yellow, purple, puppy party.  Yup!  They don't make that one readily available.  Thank the Lord for Pinterest!  I got several ideas just from that.  It actually turned out really cute! Here's some of the things that we did:

 The cupcakes I made myself.  Couldn't find anyone to make it that wasn't going to cost me $75+!  They turned out pretty cute!

 Each kid got to adopt a puppy.  We had dog tags for each of them as well as an adoption paper!  The kids LOVED it!

Along with their puppies, kids got a supply bag with Avelyn's Puppy Chow ( Coco Puffs), puppy vitamins (gummy bears), a nap mat (just felt),  & a ball.
Here, kiddos got a makeover themselves!  They got puppy ears, & then face paint to turn them into a dog. We also had puppy tattoos as well.
The kids then took their puppies to the animal hospital where they could check & groom their puppies to make sure they were healthy.
Needless to say, Avelyn was a happy camper!

Puppy Avelyn!

As always, Roan had to show off his groovin' dance moves!  I love this boy!
We also set up a photo prop for their kids to take pictures.  Jeff just made this from a very large box.  Good job hon!
And of course the games!  This was the Pooper Scooper Race.  We divided the kids into two teams.  Each team had a spatula with a chocolate on it.  They had to run through the tunnel, to the wall, & back to give it to the next team member.  This was definitely a hit!
Our version of Duck, Duck, Goose....  Cat, Cat, Dog!

And of course, the men in my life!


Along with Avelyn's birthday, we decided that it was time to transition her room from her nursery, to her big girl room.  That was exceptionally hard on me.  I cried the last night the rocker was in her room.  How many of you have done that? There's something about being able to rock your little one and have them fall asleep in your arms that just brings peace to the world, even if it just for a moment.  Avelyn was excited though to change her room and of course, what colors did she want?  Yellow & purple!  Here's her room:

 It's hard to tell, but her walls are actually a very pale gray & then everything else is different shades of yellow & purple of course!

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